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Couples Weekend Retreats

An Intensive Online Marriage Retreat that is Private, Confidential, & Effective.

Online retreats offer a unique "science-based" opportunity to get away and really enhance your bond.

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These private online intensive marriage counseling retreats offer an extended period of therapy over 3 days using science-based couples therapy. This intensive approach allows us get to the root of the problem. A marriage retreat is designed to slow you down, allow you to enjoy a change of scenery, and reconnect with yourself and your spouse. It is designed to bring you away from the stress and cares of everyday life, parental responsibilities, and work. When a couple takes a weekend to devote to retreat therapy, they are investing in their relationship.  They have the time to address issues such as communication, infidelity,  sexuality and intimacy issues, financial pressures, blended families, children, and career conflicts in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Traditional weekly couples counseling can be very effective and beneficial; but progress can be slow and frustrating, especially for those who are unable to attend each week.  Many couples feel overwhelmed by the repetitive and escalating nature of their problems. They feel hopeless, discouraged and stuck. Many have tried weekly therapy without seeing any positive results. 

Jump-start your progress. Accelerate the pace of your healing. 

In one remarkable weekend to remember, escape the hassles of everyday life and set aside time with your spouse.

  • ​One quiet evening to reflect on why you got together. 
  • ​Two 7-hour days packed with intensive, effective help.
  • ​Concrete tools to practice.

I believe in the "work, then relax" model of intensive couples therapy help.  Work hard during our therapy, then relax  and spend time enjoying your evening together.  

There is no "homework" assigned in retreats. I want you to simply enjoy your down time together.

Learn more about How This Intensive Marriage Retreat Works.

​This intensive retreat is right for you if you want:

  • A comprehensive online assessment we call:  The BIG BIG Book. You won't find a more comprehensive couples assessment anywhere. This unique tool helps uncover your specific issues and goals. It will take you several hours to complete. Most couples credit this assessment as the start of their couples retreat experience.
  • Every handout and exercise needed to target your particular issues.
  • Follow-up: The capacity to either continue your work online with me or assistance in finding a therapist in your home community for continuing work, if needed.


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Please note: If one of you have little motivation to work on your marriage in a sincere way and are seriously considering divorce, please consider a Discernment Counseling Retreat instead of a couples THERAPY retreat. Your willingness and interest in improving your marriage is essential for this work to succeed. It takes both of you to be open and willing to change.